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Since 1999, the Energy Efficiency Policies and Measures database has been an indispensable source of information on energy efficiency policies and measures and underpins much of the policy analysis carried out by the IEA. It has primarily covered actions in IEA member countries but today it is expanding, with the aim of becoming the premier source of information on energy efficiency policies and measures globally.

Number of selected policies : 5
Year Country Title Policy Type Sector End-Use / Technology Jurisdiction Status
2018 Armenia On Urban Development Regulatory instruments, Mandatory energy management system Buildings, Residential, Non-residential, Energy intensive industries, Construction Building end-uses, Building systems, Energy management systems (buildings) National In Force
2017 Mexico Second Regulation of the Energy Transition Law (Reglamento de la Ley de Transición Energética) Information and education, Voluntary reporting, Voluntary approaches, Negotiated agreements (public-private sector) Industry, Energy intensive industries, Cross-industry National In Force
2016 Armenia Construction Norms RACN 24-01-2016 “Thermal Protection of Buildings" Regulatory instruments Buildings, Residential, Non-residential, Other services and industrial, Public assembly, Warehouse and storage, Industry, Energy intensive industries, Construction, Agriculture and Fisheries Building end-uses, Building systems, Space heating, Humidification, Appliances National In Force
2016 Ireland EXEED Strategic planning, Regulatory instruments, Codes and standards, Product standards, Minimum energy performance standard, Building codes and standards, Energy performance Buildings, Non-residential, Industry, SMEs, Energy intensive industries, Cross-industry, Light manufacturing Building end-uses, Industry end-uses National In Force
2014 Philippines Industrial Energy Management System ISO 50001 Regulatory instruments, Auditing Industry, Energy intensive industries, Iron and steel, Chemical and petrochemicals, Food and tobacco Industry end-uses, Industrial equipment, Pumps, Compressors National In Force