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British Columbia Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) Program


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The funding for the Provinces Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) Program will be distributed over the next three years to support continued point-of-sale purchase incentives of up to $5,000 for battery electric vehicles and $6,000 for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. When combined with SCRAP-IT program incentives, total savings could be up to $11,000 for a new electric vehicle. Programs funded within the $40 million are also under development to:
Expand public, residential and workplace charging and hydrogen fuelling infrastructure.
Support research, economic development and job training in the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) sector. Increase public awareness of the benefits of ZEVs.
Continue purchase incentives for specialty-use vehicles used in vehicle fleets such as light-duty zero-emission trucks, buses and motorcycles.  
Provide incentives for bikes, electric bikes, electric scooters, car share credits and transit passes when someone scraps an older vehicle.

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