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Building Regulations 2018 (BR18)


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In Force

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Development Authority: Ministry of Business and Growth / Danish Business Authority

Implementation Authority: Local Authority

Verification Authority: Local Authority

Enforcement Authority: Local Authority

Prescriptive Compliance path

The gross areas of all storeys, incl. basements and useable roof spaces, enclosed balconies etc, external and internal staircases, stairwells, access balconies and lift shafts in each storey

Energy Requirements: Insulation, pipes and tanks optimally placed for sharing heat, ventillation systems meeting requirements for heat recovery in EU Regulation No. 1253/2014

U-Values (W/m2.K) Walls Windows Floor Roof

All climate zones 0.3 1.8 0.2 0.2 Â

Windows (kWh/m2/year) Solar energy gains

All climate zones 33 Â


The energy balance for windows and glazed walls must not be less than 17.0 kWh/m2/year The energy balance for skylights and glass windows must not be less than - 0kWh/m2/year. Â

Air Leakage

1.0 l/s per m2 of heated floor area at a pressure of ) at 50 Pa Â

Space Heating System

Ventilation installations must incorporate heat recovery with a dry temperature efficiency of no less than 73% for all heat recovery systems, with the exception of liquid cooled batteries for which it is 68% (EU Regulation No.1253/2014). Heat pumps for heat recovery must have a minimum coefficient of performance of 3.6 in heating mode. Â

Water Heating System

Domestic water systems supplied by a domestic ventialtion heat pump must have a minimum COP (coefficient of performance) at the draw off point of 3.1. Â


No requirement Â

Renewable Energy

Solar heating systems must be provided when the expected hot water consumption exceeds 2000l per day and able to meet 95% of demand Requirement to use renewable energy in new buildings and in substantial conversions and alterations, if cost effective. Cost effective measured as (lifetime in years x annual savings in DKK) / Extra investment ≥ 1.33 Â

Compliance Softwares:

SBi-Direction 213

End-uses considered:

Space cooling, Space heating, Water heating, Ventilation

Performance Compliance path Â

Dwellings, student accomodations, hotels, etc.. 30 kWh/m2/year + (1000 kWh/year divided by heated floor area) Offices, schools, instituions, etc.. 41 kWh/m2/year + (1000 kWh/year divided by heated floor area) Â


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